Frequently Asked Questions


What is Guided Meditation?

A voice guides guests through a journey of relaxation, focussing on breathing, relaxing muscles and letting go of our thoughts to try and achieve mindfulness – to be truly in the moment. We provide comfortable seating and a soothing environment with calming music to help guests achieve a sense of peace and tranquillity and leave feeling completely rejuvenated.


What can guided meditation help with?

Meditation, in general, helps people practice mindfulness which often can improve feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and burn-out. It gives individuals the chance to take some time out of their busy days to free themselves from those negative sensations and focus on calm and positive moments instead. Guided meditation is great for individuals who want to learn how to focus their minds in this way and is a great addition to daily individual meditation.  


What should I wear?

Wear anything that you are comfortable in. All we ask is that you remove your footwear upon entry.


What should I expect to come from my first guided meditation?

Most guests leave feeling calmer and happier as if great weights have been lifted off their shoulders. These feelings can last for hours or even weeks. Some, however, do struggle to relax and can find it frustrating, this may be because they are especially stressed or anxious. It is even more important for these individuals to continue with Meditation to alleviate these feelings, they may just need a few more sessions to achieve the same results. However you feel during the session it is important to go easy on yourself, meditation is about self-care and you should focus on the rewards of looking after yourself in such a way instead of worrying whether it is working or if you are doing it right. It is just about accepting yourself in that moment, in whatever way your body and mind expresses it.


What time should I arrive?

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your booked time. This allows you time to get used to the space and to get comfortable. Due to the nature of the sessions, we cannot allow any late admissions that would disrupt the group.