The Unwind Experience is a guided meditation experience in the heart of London, offering your employees the opportunity to rest, reflect and free their minds. We appear all over the city and can pop up in your office in under 60 minutes offering a range of soothing meditation sessions for your staff.  Contact us below to hear more.

We provide a sanctuary in your office, for anyone in need of some me time, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Step into our transformative space and into a whole new world of soothing mindfulness.

Simply get in touch to have an initial chat and hear more about our 30-minute surround sound guided sessions and enjoy the tranquillity,  breathe in the relaxing oils and let the music wash over you, let us lead you to peace and harmony.

Join us and you'll leave The Unwind Experience truly unwound, calmer, happier and ready to face the world anew. 

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